Thank you for your interest in our products. This page will outline our basic terms of service agreement covering the content of our website, the execution of sale and the fulfillment services we offer. For a full version of our complete terms of sale including all legal documentation regarding copyright infringement, intellecutal property, etc. please visit this link:


Pricing and Availabilty of Products:

Please note that prices and availability are subject to market conditions and therefore may change without notice. Certain products marked as in stock may go out of stock between the time of your order and time of shipment. In the event any item is out of stock for a period of more than 48 hours you will be notified and given the option to hold your order or cancel your order for a full refund of the products you wish to cancel. If for any reason the price you pay at checkout is subject to change or the result of a data or typographical error we will notify you immediately with the reason and allow you to accept the change or have the order cancelled and refunded.


It is our intention to ship all customer orders as quickly as possible, however conditions may exist that restrict our ability to ship orders the same day or following day. If your shipment is delayed more than 48 hours we will notify you of the delay and give you the option to hold or cancel the order. Weekends and Holidays are exceptions to our 48 hour shipping timeline. Any order placed after 2PM on Friday or the day prior to a holiday will not be subject to ship until the opening of business of the following standard business day which would be Monday unless that Monday is a national holiday. More information on our shipping policies is available at this link: SHIPPING


Your method of payment (credit card, debit card, Paypal) will be charged immediately upon order. If there is any delay with your shipment beyond the pre-designated 48 hours we will notify you.


If for any reason any product you order is placed on backorder due to stock shortage we will notify you as soon as possible within 48 hours (excluding weekends and holidays).


We accept returns of all products within 60 days of the original purchase date. All returns must be sent back to our Pennsylvania warehouse and must be received in a condition we deem as resellable. Refunds will be processed on the Friday of the week after your return. All returns will be inspected by our staff and processed within 2-3 days of receipt. If there is any problem with your return we will contact you for resolution within 1 week after receipt of your return. Full details on returns are available at this page link: RETURNS

Typograpical Errors:

Discountmarinesupplies.com makes ever effort to assure our website content is accurate, however we are not responsible for typograpical errors or product misrepresentations. All graphics, logos and content on discountmarinesupplies.com are supplied by our manufacturers and/or suppliers and is verified to the best of our abilities and updated regularly. In the event of typographical errors or content errors that result in incorrect or unaccpetable products ordered, we will assist with product return and replacement or refund. In the event there is a typograpical error in the pricing of any item sold on our website, we reserve the right to void your order and issue a full refund prior to shipment.

Sales Tax:

Discountmarinesupplies.com is only legally required to collect sales tax at the time of sale on orders shipping to the states of Florida, Pennsylvania, California and Maryland. Please abide by your state's individual laws regarding sales taxes for internet/online purchases.

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