Discount Marine Supplies Customer Rewards

Our rewards program pays back 5% of your purchase price in future rewards credits. Each order you place will accumulate rewards points at the rate of 1 point for every $1.00 spent. 20 points equals $1.00 off of your next order. When you place any order on our website and are a registered customer your account will accumulate points based on the value of your order. Each time you checkout on our website you will be prompted with your accumulated rewards points total and asked if you wish to apply them to your current order. You can choose to either apply them or allow them to accumulate for a future purchase.

It's that simple!

View the sample chart of rewards below:
Your Initial Order Your Earned Points Discount off next order
$40.00 40 $2.00
$100.00 100 $5.00
$200.00 200 $10.00
$500.00 500 $25.00
$1000.00 1000 $50.00


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