Who We Are:

Discount Marine Supplies.com is an internet retailer based in Pennsylvania. We accept orders via our website and then distribute those orders to one or more of our regional distribution warehouses located throughout the United States. We have over 30 years experience in the marine industry and have been operating a successful internet retail business since 2006. We have long established business relationships with many major manufacturers and distributors which allow us to offer very low pricing and efficient order processing.
Our Business Model:

We are a small business with the goal of offering the best pricing and service we can to all of our customers. As a small business operating in the age of dominant multi-national retailers we operate with many severe disadvantages in the current marketplace. We have human beings and not computers processing your orders, so the occasional error will be made. We have human beings and not robots picking and packing your shipments, so again execution may not always be perfect. We pay our carriers a considerable charge for our package deliveries. We do not have $2.50 per package contacts with carriers, free return shipping, Sunday delivery service or many of the other perks and advantages our larger competitors have. 

To remain in business we must keep operational costs as low as possible. Therefore we handle all service issues and general customer communication issues via email or the contact forms on our website. While we understand this is not ideal for many of our customers, this is how we must operate to remain a viable and profitable company. Your understanding of this is appreciated.

Our standard business hours are 8AM to 5PM Monday through Sunday, although we do make every effort to promptly respond after hours or weekends.  Your inquiries for order questions or general information will be handled by someone who knows the product, appreciates your order and cares about your issues personally. We have found that in most cases it is much better to have a customer email us a question or issue, which gives us the time to research the order, shipment or product and reply with a concisely and accurately, rather than being put "on the spot" so to speak and have customers left on hold while we gather information or are forced to provide rushed and incomplete information. We do hope you understand the above stated information. 

Your Personal Information:

We will never share or distribute your personal information to anybody under any circumstances. All of the information you provide to us remains privately held and secure in our files. All of our payments are processed through a direct link from our website to our payment processors. Your vital information is safe with discountmarinesupplies.com.  


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