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West System 002898 Epoxy How To DVD
A compilation of three instructional videos demonstrating basic handling and advanced epoxy repair techniques.
Basic Application Techniques - A guide to the optimum use of WEST SYSTEM epoxy products, including epoxy safety and procedures for coating, bonding, and fairing.
Fiberglass Repair with WEST SYSTEM Epoxy - Using WEST SYSTEM epoxy to make structural repairs on fiberglass boats, including repairs to cored and non-cored hulls and how to apply gelcoat over epoxy repairs.
Gelcoat Blister Repair with WEST SYSTEM Epoxy - A guide for repairing and preventing gelcoat blisters on fiberglass boats. Analyzing the cause of blister formation, preparing and drying fiberglass hulls, and repairing and coating for moisture protection with WEST SYSTEM epoxy.
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