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Preval 0100 Fan Portable Air Brush System
No matter the finish, no matter where you need it, the stainless steel and brass vFan Airbrush System is a siphon-fed "work horse" and delivers a 1/16" detailed line to 3" fan spray pattern when spraying marine primers, top coats, gel coats, most water based, most solvent based, oil base paints, latex paints and more.
Completely portable, professional, silent and with virtually no overspray. All backed with a 40-year tradition of quality. and clean up is easy! All good reasons to choose the vFan Portable Airbrush System.
Utilizing its own innovative, eco-friendly aerosol technology for portability, our compressor units: 150 feet of ENERGY, are VOC exempt and contain more than enough energy for your portable paint and touch-up needs. You can expect more than 150 feet of linear paint coverage or 15-40 square feet of paint coverage (depending on paint used) with each portable compressor unit. The system is also compatible with most any compressor for larger jobs. Ideal for small areas, blending colors, feathering, touch-up work, and more at a fraction of the cost of traditional systems. For longer lasting use, we recommend utilizing the Energy Dispersal Unit (EDU).
Includes: vFan Airbrush, 6' air hose, 2 portable units of 150 Feet of ENERGY, air regulator, fan air cap, standard air cap for detail, additional needles, multiple product containers, dip tubes, a bilingual instruction manual and more.
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